Advanced Contact Lens Care

Over 25 Years of Experience in Contact Lens Care

We specialize in contact lens care, especially the hard to fit cases using our lab to design customize lens surfaces.

nearsightedness farsightedness


post corneal transplantation

Dr Blaze has over 25 years of experience caring for contact lens (CL) wearing patients, from those with routine visual problems as well as with eye conditions like keratoconus, corneal scars, post corneal transplantation and post surgical Radial Keratotomy (RK) and Lasik where CL are require to restore normal vision.

Corneal topography

Our office is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic technology. Corneal topography creates a detailed topo map showing the shape of the cornea. This data is used to manufacture custom CLs to optically correct irregular astigmatism.

Prosthetic Contact lens

In addition, we design prosthetic contact lens when the cornea or iris that has been damaged. In the case of a damaged iris the opaque black or colored lens not only improves cosmetics, but reduces glare and light sensitivity.

Keratoconic Patients

Our Keratoconic patients can be fit with different CL designs that best suit their needs and better improves their vision. We have been successfully fitting our patients with sclerals, piggyback system, hybrid, corneal RGPs and custom soft contact lenses.

The rigid lens materials enables the contact to optically correct the corneas’ irregular shape.

Dr. Blaze is on the cutting edge of all the new techniques, products, and lens designs, by utilizing his upstairs lab and doing research with the best CL manufacturers in the industry.

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Optical Boutique

Our optical boutique has the some best material and frame designs to choose in the industry. Our certified opticians can fit you with the most contemporary, stylish frames to best suit your prescription needs.

We have all price points and styles for those on a budget.

Materials used for your prescription lenses are of the thinnest and lightest available, combined with vibrant tints, anti-reflective coatings, and polarized sun lenses.

If you are one of the many who now needs reading glasses, you will enjoy the progressive lenses (bifocals with no lines). These are available now in even the smallest frames.

In addition, computer vision needs can now be addressed with the office lens. We recommend this to all patients who use the computer for more than 10 hours a week.

Frames We Carry

Paul Frank








Vera Bradley

We provide on-site manufacturing for 1 hour service on glasses

Professional Eye Examinations

Our Doctors will perform an extensive eye examination,
not only to check your vision but also to ensure eye health as well.

Vision Testing includes a detailed analysis of your present vision status with or without current prescription eyewear. Then, using specialized instruments, we will perform a series of lens tests (called a refraction) to determine optimum vision correction. This updated prescription will enhance your academic, occupational, and recreational well being.

Your eye health testing will include a slit lamp exam of the anterior eye and the ophthalmoscope will be used to assess the posterior eye, especially the retina. In addition, visual field testing, OCT scanning and eye pressure will be done to assure you are not at risk for glaucoma. Binocular testing will be done on all children to assure the eye muscles and focusing system is working well.

Eye Health Assessment

Probably the most important part of the eye examination, and probably the most overlooked, is the eye health assessment.
This part of the examination includes

Like the rest of your body, your eyes will change gradually as you age. However, unlike the rest of your body, the eyes rarely hurt if something is wrong. We don’t recommend to simply rely on broken glasses or lost contact lenses to remind you of your next appointment.


looking inside the eye to assess ocular health of the Retina, the Macula and other ocular components inside the eye.


observing the exterior structures at the front of the eye such as the Cornea, Conjunctiva, and Iris.


measuring the intra-ocular pressure (the actual fluid pressure within the eye). This is a primary test for Glaucoma and is generally performed on all patients over 40 years of age.

Visual Field Testing

This highly specialized test is performed with a high tech instrument called a Visual Field Analyzer.

Unlike a refraction, which measures only your very central vision, this test measures, to a high degree of sensitivity, your entire field of vision.

It is generally a supplemental test used when there is a suspicion of certain eye diseases such as Glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa, or other conditions such as certain brain tumors, strokes, etc.

Binocular Vision Testing

The last part of the eye examination which measures how well the eyes “work together” in focusing and convergence.

Recommended Eye Examination Schedule

from 2 yrs of age to 18

once per year


every 2 years

Contact Lens Wearers
every year

Seniors 65+

every year

Diabetics, Patients with family history of serious eye disease, etc.

every year

Color Vision Deficiency


Colorblindness is a general term describing the deficiency of color vision perception due to a malfunction of the retinal cone receptors.

The vision is not blind to colors but usually “weak” to some degree in the colors green, red or blue:

Green weak = Duetan

blue weak = tritan

Red weak = protan

We specialize in improving colorvision using customed tinted soft contact lenses that have allowed many to pass tests for occupations and enhance their color discrimination.

About 8% of males and .5% of females are color deficient.

Testing & Treatment

We have found success with Kontur soft contact lenses for treatment of color deficiency .

These contact lenses have allowed many to pass tests for occupations and enhance their color discrimination.

Many people in occupational fields such as law enforcement, electronics, graphics and fine arts, textile and computer fields could benefit from these lenses.

We are one of a few offices trained to test your color vision to see if the innovative ophthalmic lens can improve your color deficiency.